Monday, October 31, 2005

Syntax highlight for VIM

Vim is a very powerful, fully featured, lightweight editor based on Vi. When I started running it on SUSE93, it was found out that the syntax highlighting feature was not available and should be configured manually. However it is very easy to activate this and if you follow the following steps you will be able to activate the feature in 1 minute.

1) ~>cd /home/user (Open the terminal and goto your home/user directory(change the "user" to relavent user name) using "cd". If you just opened the terminal you are most probably in home directory.)

2) ~>vim .vimrc (Open a new file called .vimrc(don't forget the dot))

3) press "i" to insert and add "syntax on" (without the the quotes)

4) press escape button and type :wq and press enter to save the file and escape.

When you open a programm file with Vim next time you should be able to see the syntax highlights.



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