Friday, January 06, 2006

Linux Link

I found this interesting link and thought of sharing with all linux fans. It is basically a collection of all the important linux related sites.

Happy Surfing!


At 3:10 AM , Blogger Jessie said...

excuse me:

i would be very interested in creating a blog with this blogger address. it does not seem that many people know about this site yet, so would there be any harm in changing the blogger address? i would appreciate it very much. to change the blogspot address, go to the publishing section of your settings.

i plan on creating a very good guide for people to go to in order to learn how to get started with modern linux systems. i am sure that you, a fellow fan of linux, would be interested in having a good website like that available to newbies.

since there are not many people who know of this site, and you dont seem to be updating anymore anyway, could you please change your blogspot address? do not delete this blog though: people can benefit from what you wrote. just change the address a little bit. for the good of linux.

thank you!


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